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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ceallach also dyes.....

Those of you who read CeallachKnits may also know that I also dye. In fact, in my pursuit for a more authentic life, I have decided to start a hand-dyed fiber and yarn business.

You know, in my spare time.

So off I went to get a resale license and start a wholesale relationship.

Little did I know how daunting to dye my first shipment of yarn inventory would be. It was not as if I did not know how to dye, or did not want to do it. There was simply more at stake in it for me.

After all, after years of being a frustrated artist and not knowing how to make that work in my life for me, I was taking the plunge. I would sink or swim.

What if I failed horribly? Or worse, succeeded gloriously. Most people think that failure is scarier than success, but I know that success is more scary because it implies that you fly high, leaving the potential for a much greater burn later....sick, ain't it?

So I have gotten the domain names, and contracted for a web provider and gotten inventory and started to dye.

In fact, I dye a little every couple of days. And with the heatwave, I am in fact solar dyeing, which is really good for the environment! What could be better.

I am also putting my artwork together, including a logo and other types of things. Of course I need these for the website.

Then I have to figure out the website as well, since I am short on start-up funds....but I can do this!

I am planning on posting pictures of the dyed yarn here for now, to whet the whistles of my potential customers. Of course, arrangements can be made for purchases in advance of the website launch. So look for those photos coming soon!
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